Monday, August 28, 2006

Instant Khichidi

When anyone asks me to describe this generation in one word, the only word that comes to my mind is INSTANT! Or may be FAST! I really don’t know what to attribute this to? Is it a personal thing or is it the marketing and management techniques that this generation is exposed to or is it the competition and peer pressure that they experience!

No, no!!! Neither am I behaving as an older generation representative nor am I meting out this judgment to everyone except me. I am just saying this out of experience. Out of my observation. This ‘Instantness’ is observed in every walk of our life. Let me take some amount of your time to explain. ‘Coz this is something that I cant to instantly :)

The other day I was talking to my father and he was saying about how he has 40 years of work-ex and I told him, I am tired after 2 years itself. He said, to reach the salary I am getting now, he had to slog and toil for 15 years or so. And I find myself cribbing about the 5 figure salary that is offered as a compensation for my non-existent work.

At the same time, I cannot think of being with one firm for more than 3 years as opposed to his faithful service in same firm. I want an instant rise in my position. I want an instant raise in my salary. In our IT sector, the best way to reach the highest echelons of a company and to get an awesome salary is work in one company for 3 years, join the next one as a lateral. Then work here for say another 4 years and join the next company as a PM and so on. INSTANT you see! As a result of this in 10 years, I have everything (monetarily at least) and I may work for say another 5 years and then get tired, resign and lead a peaceful life (some give back to the society to make up for the lost time they spent in the industry). And really, what do you look forward to? I got the money essential for a comfortable life, I got a house, I got a family and I got respect. Everything before I turn 40. Why would I work then?

Something else that asserts this feeling is ‘INSTANT FOODS’. I have never seen such a huge rise in the INSTANT foods in this world. You are staying alone; you have guests coming over and have no time to cook or you are bored to cook. What do you do? INSTANT foods!!! ”Bas do minute” foods are pervasive in this generation. Of course you order from outside. It’s more INSTANT! There were those days when making paneer matar would take half an hour of shopping and 45 minutes of cooking to make it delicious. Now it takes 2 minutes to immerse your INSTANT paneer matar packet in hot water. I may sound a bit traditional when I say this, but these foods have not been able to replace the delight you get when the audience likes your hand cooked food and I guess they never will. Also, home delivery has taken its toll. I actually remember this instance when I ordered from a shop for around 3 months and had never paid a visit to the shop even once!

This ‘Instantness’ has crept in sports field as well. The Instantness of knowing results is changing the face of world sports. The days when 5 day test series were seriously watched and religiously followed are by gone. Now the attention spans are so small that even ODI is falling prey to this attitude, giving way to 20-20 cricket. I am no connoisseur of cricket but I still think that it’ll be difficult to cherish the quality and timing of every shot in 20-20 cricket. Football premier leagues are also falling prey to this ‘Instantness’ of results.

In relationships too, the parameters have changed drastically due to this attitude. A ‘Successful’ marriage is one which lasts for 5-7 years and which ends on a note which doesn’t kill either if the spouses. So, having arranged marriages or long marriages are all ‘OLD FASHIONED’. The romances, falling for someone is ‘INSTANT’. It starts as early as 7th standard. Again, I might sound on the conservative side but its way too young to have relationships by then. If I don’t understand myself clearly by then what would I understand a relationship of two people?

I don’t know if it’s the environment or we becoming so result driven that everything else is taking a back seat is the reason for this attitude? But everywhere we see aggressive marketing techniques used to get instant results. Codes are debugged; patches are fixed to get instant results.

I am sure that there are many other instances but the ‘Instantness’ to finish my work refuses to exercise my grey cells. I can’t think of anything else, but if you do, do let me know!!!!


Amit said...

Nice one. To name a few examples in the instant series ...

- All those zillion crash courses that were taken by so many people for instant learning,
- Instant appreciation. People want to be recognized for their achievements asap. No patience.

and there could be many more

Aniket said...

Heyy ma'm ... i really hate to say this .. but the blog is undoubtedly unmatched !!!

U have surely hit 'bull's eye' and that too in an instant... (some 'instant appreciation' here!)

But u r right - in an effort to reach the end asap, we are losing out on the the joyful process.

Viraj said...

may be its irony, or just "joe-incidence with a 'c'", but it took me 5 attempts and a whole 15 minutes to open this website and this comment page...and i was going crazy in the meanwhile, 'coz i wanted to write a response quickly.. :)..

nice blog shamu, keep it up..

Harish said...

A very different perspective...i am truly amazed by the things that trigger ur blogs...keep writing