Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dreamz Unlimited!!!

Websters defines Dream as ‘a series of mental images and emotions occurring during sleep’. And psychologists say that ‘Dream is a manifestation of intrinsic desires of the real world in the surreal world one conjures up while sleeping’. 99% of the times I do not remember but the 1% that I do remember, my dreams act as a window to show what can go wrong in an important phase of my life. Being an alarmist (I won’t say a pessimist because I only suffer from a paranoia that things will go wrong), I always paid heed to the signs sent out by my dreams.

For example, I was preparing for this very important exam and just a few days before the exam, I dreamt that the paper is going well and suddenly my watch stopped. Now, if anyone has taken CAT they would know that without a watch this exam is a futile effort. Every section needs to be timed; every question has an allotted amount of time. I woke up startled, sweating and hajar scared. So, scared I was that I actually wore 2 watches when I went for the exam (you should have seen the look on people’s faces when they saw a sensible looking nut with 2 watches). I would also like to mention about the additional care I took to ensure that both watches show exact time; till the last second.

Same thing goes with this other dream where I thought I am going for an important interview and something happens to get a stain on the dress. I got so paranoid that I actually wanted to carry a spare dress. Thanks to the persuasion efforts of my mother who, sensibly enough, allayed my fears and did not let me do something silly :)

Anyway, so as I mentioned before dreams have always warned me; of the likely or the unlikely dangers. But there are some which, due to the lack of a word now, are plain weird. I mean just hear this weirdest dream and tell me what warning should I get from this one?

I am sleeping (in my dream) and my mother wakes me up. She gives me some funda about how some lunar movement has caused the moon to come in some position and has aligned with stars favorably. I have started to wonder (in my dream) why she is delivering this astrological lecture early in the morning when she uttered the following words – “Because of this we have preponed your marriage by 2 weeks. So get up, today is your wedding day”…. She said the above sentence with such poise that I was surprised that why I could never be as self assured as my mother. But giving this situation a moment, I was not supposed to be calm. I mumbled something in protest (which wasn’t effective and hence I do not recollect) but she just asked me to get up and come down where some beauticians are waiting for me. Completely flabbergasted, I came down to call my younger sister who is the person my designer and stylist for some fashion advice :) And lo behold! it seems she is on her honeymoon. I get more confused. How would she be married before me? Even if she is, why is she not there when it is the most important day of my life? Perplexed I look around when I see my other sisters playing hide-n-seek. I am very supportive of kids playing (considering these days all they do is video games, computers and TV) but was that the time and place? I still try to compose myself and I call my close friends. All of them get very irritated that I informed them so late about the wedding. I try to tell them that I myself came to know a few hours ago (as absurd as this sounds) but they don’t listen. They say they won’t come. So, here I was having a wedding with my sisters not around or playing, my mother completely worked up with the arrangements and my friends not present on the occasion. I was sucked into the black hole of confusion. And suddenly comes a thought; like a flash of lightening. Does the groom know that the wedding is 2 weeks earlier? Did he get the ‘Two Weeks Notice’? I was just about to go and ask my mother that question (in my dream) when my mother woke me up (in real life). Am I thankful for that? Was I prepared to hear what happened about the groom? I still do not know.

I told my mother and we had a laugh about it. I told my friends who cancelled on me (in the dream) and they are all amused. But coming to my funda where my dream sends out warnings for me; all I can think of are as follows:

· DON'T PREPONE YOUR MARRIAGE - whatever be the reason
· Make sure your younger sister gets married after you or doesn't go out anywhere within 3 weeks of your marriage date
· Let your sisters play as much as they want so that they don’t end up doing it in your wedding
· Make sure you talk to your boyfriend/to be groom daily when the marriage date gets fixed
· Tell your friends that they are supposed to show up within 2 hours notice :)


Viraj said...

nice lessons learnt :) just goes to show how far ur imagination can stretch itself. :) :)

Harish said...

omg...what dreams may come...and tell me something here...when do u sleep coz most of the times u keep awake thru the nite...also shudnt it have been nightmare???

Sharmili said...

Two things Harish -
1. What are Offices for when u dont sleep at nights :)
2. Cant be called nightmares since nothing bad actually happens due to these visions. I wud choose to keep the word nightmare if my wedding does get preponed by 2 weeks :)