Friday, December 26, 2008

Sleepless in Seattle

The last leg of my tour was visiting Seattle and Chicago... Now, people often ask me - "why wouldn't you see San Diego on west coast instead of going all the way to east coast for 2 days?" My reply to that is that my parents were comfortable with me going to places where there were people with me.... Unfortunately all my VJTI, Infy and other friends were in India at the time when I was there.... I had to make use of best of available resources (Now, I sound like an MBA :)...) So, yes! I went to these places and as expected had an awesome time :)))


I reach Seattle airport and I am constantly in touch with Gautam who was supposed to pick me up from the airport.... Now, this had to work real time as he dint want to park his vehicle and therefore, could not wait before time... So, finally he says he is close but doesn't know where I am standing... I tell him what I am wearing (I was actually very visible with the only one in 4 layers, cap and gloves...) and suddenly 2 people come up to me saying, "Madam, there has been a security threat - please come with us inside - NOW!!!" They expected me to panic but I was purely amused.... Some random Indians, showing their IDs and saying "I AM in a security threat..." Please tell me who would be so arbit as to threaten my existence ;))) Anyway, so after a while they say its fine and I come out to see Gautam and these guys (his friends) getting into the car... I was like "IT HAAAAAAAAAD to be U... WASTE" Anyway, after having a good laugh and these guys cribbing - I wasnt scared enough - I went out for dinner with Gautam... Megha was in touch with us and we were likely to go clubbing with her friends downtown.... But, plans changed and I had dinner and headed home with Megha where we had a good chat till about 3 am after which I slept... (She continued to entertain her guests and I dont mean ME :D...)

Next day - Sunday - We went to this breakfast place Gautam suggested - after getting lost due to directions HE GAVE - and me saving the day by guiding Megha to the right road.... Good food as usual in same quantities and then we went to Snoqualmi (I hope I have spelled it right) waterfalls with Megha and her friends... Oh btw, before we went - I ate Matar Paneer made by Megha and I was quite impressed I must say... Kids these days have good culinary skills... The waterfalls were awesome... Arnab (Megha's friend) led us to this small trail where we went thru woods... And as expected this guy was upto NO GOOD - Scared the hell out of Megha and me by jumping in front of us from behind a bush... All the guys had a good laugh and as expected - Megha kicked and abused him... Anyway, a contented lot came back from falls (Megha was the most happy coz she got to drive an awesome car) to have dinner with Gautam... Good food and we came back to Megha's apt to play poker... Good fun!! These guys (the profesionals) were like let's play with money... Megha and me - amateurs said NO!!! not with money... But they insisted and finally guess what happens - All of them go broke and its between Megha and me - finally won by Megha.... AWESOOOOOME FUN!!! Then Arnab - I must say had an awesome time - I am sure Megha wont want to associate herself with this but she HAS to know she was a major part of this ;)

Day two in Seattle was a day when I went camping by MYSELF - Sharmili's Day Out!!! Can u imagine - I did not get lost, I did not get caught by Police and I managed to see everything I (actually Arnab helped me with this) wanted to see... Used public transport, walked, shopped, went on cruise (Argosy Cruise), took self photographs (at Pike Place Market - the place mentioned in FISH! and Seattle Public Library - seeing which I feel in love with the city) and finally managed to meet Gautam at the place decided (Downtown - Opposite Macy's - 4th Ave and Pine St.)... Yippie!!! I was more excited by the thought of doing it alone than the thought of seeing these places... After dinner at a good Indian restaurant - we called it a day (Megha wasn't feeling well and everyone was tired after a full day's work..).. Oh! I forgot to mention 3 things...

1. Sireesha kept calling EVERYTIME while I was there... Dont know if it was a kind of check mechanism madam had put in place ;)
2. Kiddo was so worried now as to how to better the time at Chicago :)))
3. Spoke to people back at home and missed them...

The next morn I left for Chicago... And bid my farewell to Megha at the airport where she dropped me... A 4 day trip with this girl and thats all it took for me to miss her so badly when I came back home :))

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