Monday, April 17, 2006

Curiosity doesnt kill the CAT it builds character!

Precautionary note: Any reference in the following article to any place or person living or dead is intentional. The reader is hereby asked not to judge the writer under any circumstances :) Kids these stunts are performed by professionals and you are advised not to perform them w/o adult supervision…..

Children these days are very inquisitive… they have many questions…. I, as a child, was very inquisitive too….. But the things these kids are inquisitive about are, “mamma how is a TV remote is different from an AC remote (of course that is if they can know the diff)… or how does a mobile function? These days I see parents making their kids laugh with different ring tones on a mobile…. I mean how tech-savvy can we get….

Makes me think of the older and simpler times….. When I was a kid…… YES…. I was inquisitive but in a very very different way….. I mean how many kids would look at the metal frame of the building gate and feel Man!!!! Can I get my head into it???? Oh!!! Don’t JUDGE me….. In my defense I was just 3 years old….. So the deal is, I go to my cus’s place and their gate is damn beautiful (I am thinking that now, since I was so attracted to it…) So then I get all probing and I try to see if I can bend the metal bars and get my head into it….. it turns out…. I could (of course I doubt it if the metal bars bent)….. But then I was faced with a slight problem….. Incidentally the act of putting the head in the gate was a one way street…. I couldn't get my head out….. Now there were many ways; but without hurting me and getting me out; there were none….. Then came my mom to my rescue…. This woman has given me life and also pulled (in the true sense of the word) me out of these difficult situations….. I owe her not one but many!!!

I was about 4 years old when I found a pack of Agarbattis…. What would a normal kid do when they take the incense sticks in their hands…. Of course they will smell it… how couldn't they…. That’s the most obvious part of agabattis, aint it…. but dealing with the obvious was not something that my character was made of…. So I take these sticks (around 30 cm long) and I see how much of it can go into my nose….. I put the sticks so far in that only about the last 10 cm or so was left…. Now did u guys know that things up to 20 cm can go up our nose without any damage???? Of course I can’t see any signs of physical damage when I say this ;)

I am still wondering how my parents haven’t disowned me yet….

We had come from a tiring trip from Mahableshwar so my folks were sleeping peacefully having their afty nap….. My dad’s after shave was placed within my reach…. Now my mother was very careful with such things knowing how inquisitive I am…. She would never keep anything that can flow, burn or cut within my reach… but then she must be very tired coz she did leave the Old Spice can (completely new btw) down…. Now what would one think when they see this?? And by one I mean a CHILD…. I agree I was 5 but I was still an adorable and cuddly child….. So when I see this bottle curiosity gets better of me and I ask myself…. What will happen if I put this on my hair…. And as an exemplary elder sis I also asked my sis to join in… so I very carefully placed the after shave on my hair and hers….. aren’t u ppl glad I did it… coz only then I discovered that nothing happens if u put after shave on ur hair…. It just smells nice…. Of course the only bad thing that can happen would be that the stringent smell wakes your parents and you get thrashing for wasting after shave and setting a bad example….

I was around 11 when I was learning to ride a bicycle…. Now balance was something I was good at… but I always pushed myself…. So what I do is, I try and see how I can balance my cycle on one wheel…. It turns out, it isn’t that difficult…. The only issue is make sure when you do this that there is no bus coming at you from one side and a drain on the other….. coz what mite happen is that u get scared by the sheer size of the bus ( you are still learning)….. Have a wobbly back wheel and with front wheel in the air there aint too much support…. And CRAAAASH!!!! You land urself in the drain…. Experience does make a person wise…. :)

Times went by and I accrued learnings from many such experiences…. Of course I have my inquisitiveness mainly responsible for the kind of person I am or I would grow up to be.... In many such ventures I have incorporated my sisters too…. So they have to thank me for the character I built in them…..

But then I now wonder…. Y don’t I see kids today so inquisitive…. Makes me worry about the younger generation…..

I mean how can being inquisitive about a remote even parallel being inquisitive if ur head goes through the gate :)


shruti said...

its actually quite hilarious.. and who evr knew.. shamu has a sense of humour

Viraj said...

Arent we all glad that shamu grew out of that phase? :) i'm sure her building people are :) nice penwork....

Aniket said...

Haaaa haaa !!

Well laughed dearly at 2 things - one of course being the extremely well written humourous article- other at the thought that 'Shamu grew out of that phase' - Viraj please reconsider ur views !!

unpredictable said...

Hilarious!!!! Shamu for all the sensibility she displays in her rare moments ... has had quite the interesting life ... not more than her family and frnds who had to endure it all tho!