Wednesday, April 26, 2006

IT Bubble bursts: A Day in an IT Professional’s life

Get up early morning
To you cell phone alarm ringing
Laze around for sometime and
Wish that there was no office, no job at hand…..

Get ready and have some food
For breakfast which aint no good
Miss your mother waking u up everyday
Miss your mother holding the plate with breakfast and wanting you to stay….

Till you finish the entire plate
Till she is satisfied that you are sate
Think this everyday and grumble
The days now don’t unfold, they just tumble….

Come to office to your same seat
Looking at the forwards remains the only treat
Then you sit, code, attend telecons and sessions
Do the work as told which finally brings out nothing but frustrations

You have no motivation, you have no liking
There is nothing in your job that is striking
You are in a team which is a bunch of fools
All they care about is CCMI 5 and some related tools…..

People say you have a choice to make
You can quit your job, there would be nothing at stake
You are bright and you will get one soon
But trust me that all IT jobs in India finally lead to doom…..

You should go abroad and then you will see
You will feel motivated, you will feel free
You talk to your Onsite Coordinators and they are troubled
They say after coming here it has burst their bubble….

So what to do and what shud you say
To make you want to open your eyes each day
You often wonder if its just you or is everyone going through the same
If they are then their patience levels are insane…..

Since they are not cribbing like you do
Nor are they getting frustrated like you do
Is this affecting your work you often wonder
But atleast till now realise you have made no blunder…..

Then you go home everyday after your 8.8 hours
Go home and watch TV and watch the stars
Eat the self cooked food and then goto sleep
Hoping that the next will not be mundane and will have some meaning deep…………


Aniket said...

Hmm...seems i have read these lines somewhere... !!

Guess u wud have lots of supoort on this :-)

Siddharth said...

awww... it will all change soon!

Anonymous said...

why blame IT? do u have an idea what people in MBA jobs do? fill excel sheets all day?? or may be u are still innocent enuff to imagine that lifes any better outside IT!! And please stop cribbing and get out of this, if your are ANY good! DONT WHINE!!

Sharmili said...

hi anonymous,
thanks for the comment.
what i cant understand tho is what made u think i am comparing MBA jobs with IT?
I am not imagining that life is better outside IT but there is something called 'Job Satisfaction' that i firmly believe in and somehow i see IT professionals(the ones i know atleast) not getting that and now from ur comment i know even MBA professionals dont get that isnt it a sad situation to be in.

Sharmili said...

regarding me gettin out of it if i am any 'GOOD', well as i mentioned in the poem and i am sure u wud ve noticed is that if i change companies; i eventually reach the same stage. so y go thru the grind again?