Friday, August 17, 2007

Memorable Samahar!!!

This is not my article but a snippet from the article a friend from IIMB wrote... Its about the Basketball Match between the IIMC and IIMB teams @ Calcutta... The Girls' Baski Team rose like the Dark Horse towards victory adding their bit in the 7 - 4 win over Calcutta!!! Here is how the snippet about Baski Girls goes:-


Basketball (Girls):

Arguably, the fate of Samhar 2007 was decided by this memorable performance displayed by our Girls Basketball team. Purely going by the average height or weight of the two teams, no one would have given our girls a chance. But our ‘5-feet-someones’ displayed steely resolve, relentless stamina, and exemplary grit to overcome all their “short”comings to register probably the finest moment of the Sports Meet.

Led from the front by Nupur Kalgaonkar, the “Girl from Kolhapur”, the team had a clear mission: don’t let the ball reach the opponents. They snatched at the ball, jumped in unison and did a lot more than what had been seen on a Basketball court before, and, importantly, never gave possession of the ball. In between all the drama, Anjali scored from a free throw to take an early lead in the match, and the score after 2 quarters was 1-0. Another free throw in our favour, and this made the score 2-2 at the end of the 3rd quarter, with everything to play for.
The 4th quarter had some heart-stopping moments but nothing to add to the score. Just when the spectators were getting ready to go into extra time with only 28 seconds to go on the clock, the ‘oh-not-so-shy’ Sharmili Phulgirkar somehow stole the ball from the opponents, raced towards the basket, defied all odds, and actually put the damn thing in the basket, a feat she never achieved during any of the practice sessions!

A special mention for Nidhi Gupta, whose defence was impeccable, and whoever she marked visibly felt awfully stifled! The match was also memorable for the celebrations after every basket, which reminded one of goals in footer matches! (this comment is coz the score was 4-2; yeah! yeah! i know reminds you of a football match score!!!)


The entire sports meet remains a memorable experience... The girley gossip we indulged the first night, the practice sessions we had a week before that, the cheering squad and its importance, the bonds that were made stronger after the meet, the rain dance in the end where we let our hair loose and finally the BIG cup in the team's hands which just made the entire exercise worthwhile and bore sweet fruits for the pains we put in....

Three Cheers for IIMB- Hip Hip Hurray!! Hip Hip Hurray!! Hip Hip Hurray!!


Viraj Datar said...

fantastic game honey... so proud of u .. u've no clue... seeing u be a part of all these sports and winning... it really feels nice...

Rakesh D'mello said...

Hey...nice to see you winning. Also, nice pic. Reminscent of Chak de India.....Keep winning.

Sidharth said...

Proud of you!!

Might've said this often enough, but we'll bother about repitition for less marvellous feats..:)

Gauri Lonkar said...

Hey sharmili..gud to see ur post after such a long time...Keep rocking at IIMB..way to go...!!

~Lord Anshul said... much as i hate to admit it, it was one hell of a match...and i couldn't believe tht B won in the dying moments of the match :(

but nevertheless, congrats :)

Abhi said...

good to see you are still blogging. I am sure you are enjoying there in IIMB.
BTW, I got through in IE, Spain, but couldn't go through this year. Have booked a place for next.
Trupti mumbait parat geli, malaa kantalun. Mi York, UK madhe aahe sadhya.