Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kudos to the most spirited team I have ever seen!!!

I would classify today's tug of war event as by far the most important event of intersection sports and one of the most momentous moments of my life. I could not stop writing about this event, one because I have never gotten so excited post Samhar and second because I have never seen such highly spirited team - like EVER!!! It was a game that was packed with so many emotions that I cannot begin to tell. Some of the highlights of the event - if anyone had missed it.

The Team Selection

So, the normal day starts with the usual cop fin lecture, continues with MPPO group having 107 slides to be presented and then by a marathon marketing lecture. Little did we know that this seemingly long commonplace day had loads of energy and ethusiasm in store for us. At 7:30, the team was in throwball court for the Tug of War event. Trials were carried out to get the best 6 players - who were within the weight limit to play for us. Poor Gauri was the one against whom everyone was tried and tested. Sec C was on court and suddenly PMS enters and displays her might. Last minute subs and Kinjal was replaced with PMS. We won the match against B fair and square.

The Problem

As PCN would say - Shit hit the roof after the match. Yours truly displayed her complete lack of mathematical skills because in the heat of moment of getting the best team, we crossed the weight limit. We were the first ones to admit our mistake, apologised our mistake and waited for the sports council to give a decision if it was a re-match or a disqualification. Incidentally, it so happened that Sec B was also overweight and therefore, it was unanimously agreed that we would have a rematch. Before the rematch, there were some bickerings about parllax error in weighing, availability of flat surface, zero error adjustments etc. So, along with my maths skills, my physics fundaes were also revised today :)

The Rematch

Match 2 started with Shruthi not playing the first pull. We gave in to the sec B team but this did not dampen the spirits. Shruthi agreed to play and resumed her position in the front and pulled victory away from sec B team, when they were only a few centimeters away. Hats off to this girl's spirits to one - not have given up realising that we were almost out and two - come and play disregarding her health and keeping the team above it. Of course, hadn't been for the support of the other 5, the front person could not have succeeded alone. After the impossible win (as many spectators later called it) the third pull was a cake walk and then the look on all these 6 girls faces was priceless. I wish at that point in time I had a camera to capture - the victorious smile, the satisfaction of winning fair & square and the determination that we have to teach a lesson.

The Finals

There was a really long break before the finals started. We were playing with no substitutes and not with the winning team combo. In addition, the fact that they had 6 pulls as opposed to 3 that the opponents made things even worse. This game requires hajar strength and we had exhausted ours in these 6 pulls. Yes! the things did look difficult at that point in time and I was dying of hajar guilt. For one, I kept blaming myself for making them go through the torment of a rematch and second for actually thinking that instead of playing the finals, we give them a walkover. Gold glitters the most when it is heated the most.The girls fighting it out (for whatever position) in today's event would have been the only befit ending to this trial by fire. And this was where I learnt the third lesson for the day - place the team above an individual. Kudos to Kinjal to place the team over her beliefs, to come to aid when the team needed the most and finally to NOT give up whatever happened. I'm not sure how many would have done the same thing you did for this section. First pull - Aastha displayed an awesome initial pull to make sure theu get a run for money. However, luck did not favor us and we lost. The bigger problem was Tanu got hurt in the process and we were thinking of calling it off at that point to prevent injuries to others. Thats when the entire team amazed me again - because not only did they play but they won. Aswathy in the front did an awesome job of not letting go and Devi anchored superbly from behind. I almost saw PMS, Gauri, Aastha and Kinjal at 20 degrees to the horizontal to get maximum force. The determination paid off again and we got the final chance to win the event. Similar effort again, this time sec D got a wee bit closer to winning but the team proved their mettle and won...


I do not know how the team would have performed had Shruti been there. I do not know if I would have made any difference, had I been there. I do not know if we had not gotten the weight wrong in the first place, whether we would have felt better after winning the finals. All I know is that if any team deserved to win - it was SEC C... And I do not say this because I belong to this section. Sportsmanspirit and Skill are the two most fundamental things that are tested in any field (events, rules etc become secondary then) and that makes a sportsperson. I proudly say that I have met 8 such true sportspersons who come 10 on 10 on both these parameters.

PROUD OF U!! You were responsible to get a smile on my face and owe you one for that :)

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Viraj Datar said...

heyy.... awesome game u girls had... feels amazing to even read about it... many crests and troughs and slips and grabs....may Sec C win all the sports meets! :)