Thursday, May 08, 2008

A test or A punishment?

Everytime I cry a little
Eveyrtime I die a little
Everytime I explain answers to myself a little
But yet next time, the event repeats itself a little
Everytime I do things wrong a little
Everytime I screw things up a little
Everytime I vow to do things right a little
Yet everytime I lose more than the previous time a little
Everytime I pray to God a little
To end this suffering in my life a little
Evertime I ask him for some mercy a little
Everytime I ask him one final shot to settle
But everytime he give me some hope a little
Only to end up again hurting my loved ones a lot
What did I do to deserve this
When will this suffering end
When will I feel good and chirpy again?
When a change for me will God send?


Sid said...

"a bindaas mumbaikar who loves making friends and is extremely adorable.(people say modesty is one virtue i do not possess!! i wonder y???)"

I know this Shamu. And this Shamu is the one who exists. No need for THIS Shamu. Can we have our Shamu back please?

Xorkes said...

whooops nice one!

Amit Apte said...

Nice idea for yet another IPL ad ... your poem followed by a appropriate punchline introducing IPL which will wipe out all your worries :D

Sorry but thats really what jumps to mind when I read this. This ain't the real you. Get over it.

Viraj Datar said...

What goes down, must go up
What goes wrong, must go right
What's turned down, must turn up
Wait a little and they all turn alright!

Just read the second sentence of your ow previous blog. cheer up girl...

Shrutz said...

Tch tch.

Atticus said...

sad that you are sad...but happy that it brought out such good creativity from you.

Im not one to join the "cheer up, this is not the real you" bandwagon, sorrow and lows are part of life, and I know youll come through, you being what you are.


unpredictable said...

I'm with Sam on this one :) Dislike the idea of asking people to feel a certain way cause most times that we feel down, if we had a choice to feel differently, we *would*.

You'll be good as always child :) Bless your wonderful soul :)