Saturday, May 03, 2008

Journey from Misfortune to Windfall

While I just lamented about how I feel helpless and puny, less than 24 hours ago; what I am writing now is exactly its opposite feeling I felt today!! Somewhere I take this as an incident which substantiates the fact that life follows a Sinusoid - you have days of crests (high points in your life when everything works well) which would be followed by days of troughs (low points when you would feel you should not exist) but be rest assured coz crests ARE going to emerge next... So, when I had doubts about if I am a person at a right place, at a right time yesterday - they just were resolved today!!!
After a lot of deliberation, I decided to not go to work (because I had to work a little on my report) and instead go to the Barcap versus L & T cricket match at the Oval :) (sounds so psued na...) Even though late - I was there to cheer for my team.
So, at the match (T20 match) we set an impressive and formidable target of 185 for L & T... Now, with 3 wickets down the audience (ME) was getting restive.. So, I got talking to Sushir (one of my colleagues) and this friendly talk soon became a finance lesson first and then got converted to gambling (which everyone in finance does - like Sushir put it - if you are risk averse - you are in a wrong profession :)...) So, after explaining the bet to me (He had to go short @ 50 rupees per minute if the time taken for match to wrap up is <> 45 min... After a lot of cheating (which he chose to call it as I kept changing clocks - the one running fastest was the one I wanted to take) and miscalculations (stupid me - on settling on one clock I stupidly calculated 10 + 45 = 50 (got reminded of CAT days) :(....which lost me 250 bucks btw...), the match last over finally was being played on the ground...
Now, ideally an over takes around 3 minutes to complete... Given the fact that there were 4 minutes less for me to break even - I was praying that something happens and the time gets extended... And guess what... Ball 1 bowled - Wide... Ball 2 bowled - Wide... (Sushir had torn his hair apart...) Ball 3 bowled - hit for a 4... (now we were comfortably winning - so the 4 was not so disturbing from the company win POV... but that was good for me coz the ball went faaaaar away and took a few more seconds to retrieve) Ball 4 bowled - dot ball... Ball 5 bowled - hit for a 4 which unluckily landed where the audience was sitting... Sushir was fast enough to run give the ball back to get the game started... Ball 6 - awesome ball - wicket taken... (this is again good for me... batsman walking out - batsman walking in takes time....) The time count is not told on purpose coz the end result would be sweeter to hear then... Ball 7 - dot ball... Finally the last ball of the innings - I was praying for one more extra but then I thought lalach buri bala hai :D... It was a dot ball and the game was finally over... Net result - Barcap won the game by more than 82 runs.... As for me, I won 200 rupees (since the 5th minute was not complete - I did not get a 50 for that...) So, had I calculated properly - silly that I am - I would have won 950 bucks :( but clearly destiny had another lesson in mind (other than reverberating the fact that I make silly mistakes) "lalach buri bala hai..."
Of course I could not accept the money - so I refused to take it... Then all the others were like he would have taken it had you lost and its difficult to get money outta him so you might as well take it... Get a vada-paav for office people if you dont want the money for yourself :))))
End of the day - I had 200 bucks in my hand (if I do get vada - paav - I will end up spending much more) , I met one of my friends for lunch and had an awesome time, came home and spent time with my family and had a great time here too :))))))))
Why cant days always remain at the crests??? Are troughs really necessary????


Viraj Datar said...

'Nuff said about collateral benefits of team spirit! :) hahaha... Flaunting your B-school geekiness for game theory and benefit analysis was amazing.... And more than anything, you won... which means, you know more of situation analysis than your boss, which further means, you better get that darned job....which also means, you need to treat me ... which therefore means I get those 200 rupees, which eventually means my RoI is like crazy hell!! :) hehehe.... chalo, bahut globe jhaad liya... kudoson your win yaar! Rock on!

Sid said...
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Sid said...

umm..excuse me...
are you the one who was absolutely not amused (and this is an understatement) at the idea of having to go to watch "a stupid cricket match"??