Saturday, September 05, 2009

I learnt in life!!!

I sat on a ledge with a paper in my hand
I penned down my learnings from the times of sand

I have learnt wisdom and met the wise
Learnt to accept grey, my world was black or white otherwise

I have learnt to be compassionate with all
How to face the most unreasonable and still stand tall

I have learnt to give love to all, even those in fray
Learnt that love is freedom and NOT to keep people away

I have learnt that humility is very important
How pride meets a downfall - a thing thats very evident

I have learnt to be competitive and be the best
Its not slitting others throats but empowering the rest

I have learnt that good things happen to good people
Thats bads will never go unpunished for the mighty or the feeble

I have learnt the power of praying - its intense
Of wishes getting answered - just needing some patience

But most importantly I have learnt that people come in your life for a reason
The weeds come for months and the flowers come for a season


Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Gauri Lonkar said...

hey this is lovely !!

Anonymous said...

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