Saturday, September 05, 2009

25 things!!!

1. I hate to have ANY meals alone... I would prefer starving over eating alone!

2. I always love to have people around! In every school, college or workplace I have visited, I have always had 3 groups! A senior group, my batch group and a junior group...

3. I want to ensure every comfort and happiness to my parents.... I wish to fulfill all their dreams which they compromised on for us

4. The best way to convince me to do anything is to get my mother to agree to it.

5. There is always inorganic growth in my relationships! It doesnt take to long to move from hate to like to love for me.... The other way around is not as easy or fast....

6. I am VERY "un-girly"... I have to battle with eye shadows, liners, other cosmetics and accessories every time I have to dress up for an occasion

7. As a kid, I have stuck my head in a metal bars of the gate and got stuck and have locked my sister in the bathroom

8. I am very competitive and I love to win bets!!! I jumped from second floor to the first floor in hostel blocks at IIM Bangalore just to prove a point. I ate chillies (chew them for 1 min and then swallow and not drink water for 30 min) to win a small dairy milk

9. My friends govern my moods.... So, if I have mood swings, trust me a few of them have fought with me and others have really gone out of their way to make me smile...

10. I believe in theory of zero expectations.... If you dont expect anything, you will ONLY be delighted at what you get from the other person....

11. I am a bunch a contradictions! I am pessimistic and at the same time I hope for the better... So, its no surprise that while I believe in having no expectations, I may have some from certain people!

12. Contradictory to many, I think of God when I am happy rather than when I am sad. When I am happy, I thank God everyday if something comes my way.

13. True cancerian to the core, place me in an un-conducive environment, I will first fite to make things right... When there is nothing working my way, I will go deep into my shell

14. I fasted for 11 Saturdays because we won a football match - not a significant one like finals or something but a random circuit match

15. I am passionate about sports (i cried out of joy when my section won the inter-section tug of war match) and about NOT reading newspapers (barely read 3 days newspapers before every interview i attended) :) I looooooove adventure sports

16. I HATE pink

17. I looooooove riding bikes. If you see my driving crazily, its me venting out my frustration. Bike Ride is the BEST way to calm yourself down. I dream to own a high-tech psued bike and join a bikers' cult

18. I have already planned the name of my kids, who are they marrying to and what profession will they pursue.

19. In college, I was not allowed to watch movies with friends. My first movie was 4th year of engineering with 5 guys - first day first show of Harry Potter and Sorcerer's Stone

20. I hate alcohol and its smell. But when I drink on insistence, I take shots instead of sips. And everytime I get drunk, I cry keeping a particular theme in mind. These themes ranged from "no one likes me" to "i am all alone!"

21. I believe in not keeping in buffer time when I schedule a meeting with friends. Result is more often than I am last or second last to join the group. I am not late, just that Murphy is in love with me.

22. I cannot look at a flower and go swooning about its beauty or go to a butterfly/bird sanctuary and admire the beauty of their feathers. The beauty I can admire is in men (rarely) and women (often)

23. I want to have a chimpanzee or a tiger as a pet. I hate dogs, puppies, cats and kittens... Dogs sense the fear in me (more prominently displayed since the last time I was almost bitten by a dog)

24. I am very immodest. You will always see me talking about me. But I cannot gracefully accept a compliment.

25. I have got every form of punishment when in school. I have been locked in class, hit by ruler, slapped on face, knelt outside class, knelt on ground, yelled at in my class, yelled at in other class, thrown out of class etc.


Viraj Datar said...

the title of the blogpost so does not do justice to the content.... its very inmcomplete should have been something like: "25 things u wud never expect a human being to be" or "25 things that u never thot cud be bundled in one person" or "Not just 25 things"!! :) variation thy name is sharmili... amazing knowledge about self...

Basu said...

Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban, not sorcerer's stone. you actually should've mentioned going with 5 guys and the lights went off in between the show :-)