Saturday, July 03, 2010


There comes a time in life when you learn
To take things in stride and not just yearn
Life takes turns; gives chances too few
You get this and live, that's acceptance to you!

Nothing remains permanent but change
Each relationship goes through phases, a wide range
A time come when your best buddy won't talk to you
You heart would wrench but you move on, that's acceptance to you!

All your life, you continued to run a rat's race
"Important" things got left behind, you begin to lose face
Finally you stop thinking only about yourself and what others think of you
You grow up in life, that's acceptance to you!

You find love, you cherish love & you marry your soul mate
Experience ups and downs, at times feel resigned to fate
You try hard to change yourself & sometimes your partner too
Happiness comes only when you love unconditionally, that's acceptance to you!

Years go by & your age reaches its fall
Health leaves you, you cannot stand tall
In your last moments, you think of everyone who mattered to you
You close your eyes hoping you made them happy too, that's acceptance to you!


Abhid-d said...

Hi. I was wondering if this blog is yours too, because it is also titled, "Direct Dil Se" :-

shruti said...

i know its a bit late but wat an awesme play of wrds!

shruti said...

i kno its a bit late but wat an awesome play of words!!...very meaningful poem and very beautifully written