Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Small Joys of Life!

An instant smile lights up my face when these things happen!!! May be the same things happen with you too!!!

1. See a bus full of kids going to school, see them talking/fighting/smiling…. Take a minute of your traffic time to think about your school time/picnic time etc.
2. Cleaning your wardrobe after ages and see that old jeans you used to fit in…. Rummage through the pockets and find some note from a friend or self written to remind about some incident….
3. Cleaning your wardrobe after ages and see that old jeans you used to fit in…. You try it on and YOU FIT IN!!!
4. Hearing from an old friend after a long time and talk about absolute nonsense yet, feel content at the end of it….
5. Random bitch sessions about anyone and everyone with your friends J
6. Seeing photos from a past trip with a friend and then messaging “I miss you” only to get a call in return….
7. Getting a “I miss you” message/mail/call from someone you thought you had lost…
8. Reading comments on the blog you write (Disclaimer – not written here on purpose! It GENUINELY is a joy to read)….
9. Run for a train/bus/cab and just about making it….
10. Leaving slightly later than schedule and getting all lights green (or connecting trains or cabs immediately or even ships if push comes to shove) to still make it on time (Never happens to me – thanks to Murphy’s love for me)
11. Go to a random movie without plans and end up seeing one of the most enjoyable movies….
12. Get up late in the afternoon and realize that you can still sleep some more J
13. Read a section just last minute before an exam and it comes as a question for 10 marks and u end up scoring well!!!
14. And lastly after the genesis of 3 idiots – Seeing your alma mater in the movie and all those places where you spent 2 glorious years of your life…

I am sure there are much more... But in the mundaneness of existing, we just DON'T wait n experience them!!!


Suman said...


RandomReader! said...

You try it on and You fit in !!!

Never happened to me :)

Good thoughts, enjoyed reading

mi.p said...

Hey lady, you got trolls in here. Get your bug-spray, quick! Seriously, do you moderate your comments? Seems like you should. Or are these the comments that you were talking about in #8. :P

Sharmili said...

There you go... All cleaned :) and moderation enabled!